Commissary - Goodfellow AFB

  • Goodfellow AFB110 Valiant St, Bldg 213, Goodfellow AFB, TX 76908
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  • Mon
    1000 - 1900
    1000 - 1900
    1000 - 1900
    1000 - 1900
    0900 - 1800
    1000 - 1700
  • Hours Info
    Early Bird Hours Tue-Fri 0700-1000. Deli Hours Tue-Fri 0700-1900, Sat 0900-1800, Sun 1000-1700.

The Goodfellow AFB Commissary carries a wide variety of grocery items, always at low prices. The commissary also offers fresh deli sandwiches, baked goods and cakes available all day.

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Custom Photo Cakes
Fresh Sandwiches to go
Party Cakes


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2 Reviews

  1. I have visited the commissary three times while TDY at Goodfellow AFB. Two of the three times I have purchased expired food and didn't know until I got back to the room. If you go just be sure to check all of the expiration dates of the food you purchase.

  2. We shop at the Goodfellow AFB Commissary regularly as USAF Retired members. We've never had a better experience at any commissary both CONUS and OCONUS. We've frequently asked for special items to be ordered and available at our next trip, and the management staff is always accommodating. As well, department staff members, checkers, and baggers are very professional, well trained, and helpful. We always look forward to our net day-trip to Goodfellow AFB. Thank you for these services.