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The Wood Hobby Shop & Laser Engraving at 29 Palms Marine Base provides low-cost laser engraving services to imprint unique messages and designs onto almost any surface. Patrons can also purchase woodworking supplies and lumber to build or repair your own woodwork, craft and hobby items. Patrons using the woodworking machinery are required to attend a free safety class first.

Required Safety Classes are held on Wednesdays at 5pm & Saturdays at 11am.

Patrons must attend a FREE 60 min safety class prior to using this facility. The classes are held every Saturday at 11am and Wednesday at 5pm. Call for details.

We have all the wood and tools you need to make items from entertainment centers to plaques, cabinets, shelves and more! With just a $10.00 fee for the use of the shop and tools, you can get right to being creative! We also have 2 Epilog CO2 Laser Engraving Systems. This great laser engraver can engrave, cut or mark on many different materials. If you can print a design, you can cut or engrave it! (see list below for details)

We offer a great selection of tools and power equipment to satisfy any level of woodworker. Experienced staff members are on hand to assist you with your project, and lumber is available at the facility for purchase. Please call for current pricing and selection information.

Engrave & Cut
Acrylics, Cloth, Corian, Cork, Delrin, Fiberglass, Leather, Matte Board, Melamine, Mylar, Paper, Plastic, Pressboard, Rubber, Wood and Wood Veneer.

Engrave Only
Anodized Aluminum, Ceramic, Coated Metals, Glass, Marble, Painted Metals and Tile.

Source: 29 Palms MCCS Website


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