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  • BPC Dining Facility DSN (No Dial)
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    Meals Served Daily 0500-0830, 1100-1400, 1700-2030, 2300-0200.

Blatchford-Preston Complex Dining Facility Hours:
Midnight Meal: 2300 – 0200
Breakfast Meal: 0500 – 0830
Lunch Meal: 1100 – 1400
Dinner Meal: 1700 – 2030


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3 Reviews

  1. The mousakka had chunks of real moose in it. Best raisin bran in the Middle East, and nothing beats goat milk on corn flakes.

  2. This is the only DFAC with restrooms and the closest to BPC dorms. The best days, in my opinion, are Mondays; Thursdays; and Sundays.

  3. the chicken skatchatori was yumyum, carrots were crunchy like bugs bunny eats