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    0900 - 1800
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    0900 - 1800
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    0900 - 1800
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    Holiday hours: 1100-1600

JB Andrews Home and Garden store and Outdoor Center is located in Bldg 1683 on Arnold Ave. The Home and Garden Store offers a great selection of items for your home and outdoor activities, including hoses, plants, lawn mowers, grills, and more.


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2 Reviews

  1. With this being a "Joint" base, one would assume that the uniform shop would be friendly to all of the services housed on the base. This is NOT the case. It is very disappointing to walk in the uniform shop & see less than half an aisle dedicated to the Navy. On several occasions I was forced to travel 45 minutes- an hour to Bethesda for simple items like rank insignia. Having to go through this makes me feel discriminated against to a certain extent. Please fix this issue! Thank you.

  2. It was very disappointing to learn after I took a drive to your store to learn that you were closed on Labor Day.