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    Clinic is closed federal holidays and family days. Mandatory training 2nd Thursday of each month (minimally manned in morning and closed in afternoon, expect delays)

The Malcolm Grow Medical Clinic and Surgery Center at Joint Base Andrews offers the following services:
Aeromedical Staging Facility
Ambulatory Surgery Center
Emergent Care Services
Ear, Nose and Throat
Family Health
Flight Medicine Clinic
Internal Medicine
Mental Health
Nuclear Medicine
Nutrition Clinic
Occupational Medicine
Oral and Maxillofacial Out Patient Clinic
Outpatient Dental
Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic
Physical/Occupational Therapy
Surgery Clinic

Malcolm Grow Clinic is closed federal holidays and family days. Mandatory training the second Thursday of each month (minimum manning before noon, closed in afternoon, expect delays).


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21 Reviews

  1. I often wonder why it takes the Main Pharmacy such a long time to fill prescriptions. Even on the days where there are only a few people waiting (rare) it seems to take quite a long time. This is not a complaint but simply a question. Also the Pharmacy team is always great and provide a quality service to our community. Thank You All

  2. Curious how Px are filled @ main pharmacy. We waited close to 2 hrs. We inquired, we were told #s or type of px had nothing to do with when you're called. So how do you decide which orders to fill and when to call someone's #? Son picked up px from the satellite pharmacy, took the med, & bc I take pics of his px #, I realized he took someone else's med. With all the steps involved, how can they give another person's meds? Learned a valuable lesson - check the med to ensure it's your name.

  3. People can he so whiney. Waah, I had to wait for a prescription, I had to wait on the phone. This is a great facility with a knowledgeable and friendly staff.

  4. I wanted to let you know what an awesome surgeon Dr. Prescott is. She was very thorough and caring. She removed my gallbladder on 8/7/17 and everything went very well with absolutely no issues. Every single person that I came in contact with treated me like I was a member of their family. I felt like I was at a spa with all of the great service. Please keep up the good work!

  5. Although Express-Scripts has worked well in the past, I am having difficulty getting a prescription renewed to continue to receive eye drops through E-Scripts even though the Doctor took the time to call it in to E-Scripts last week. (I'm told, a lack of fax capability at the Andrews clinic causes the difficulty. 20 minutes on phone instead of simple fax transmission.) Apparently your clinics need fax capability to support Drs w E-Script prescription delivery. Thx

  6. I understand the frustration with the long wait time at the pharmacy. Sometimes the wait is long but most times the wait is not long for me. I have learned to return to the pharmacy if I do not have a prescription that I need immediately. I understand this is not the case for every situation but it helps with cutting down on your wait time. It is getting better. Keep up the great work with customer service and keep working hard to cut down the wait time. Kudos to the pharmacy staff!

  7. I have had the misfortune of using the pharmacy twice in each instance it took an hour or longer to drop off the prescription. This is ludicrous you would think by now someone would realize that by having one window devoted to prescription drop off would remedy the waiting situation, you receive your # or informed that they don't carry that item and wait time is less than 5 min, But you would have to be concerned with customer satisfaction for that to work

  8. I am an activated National Guard Member and find it very difficult to reach anyone from the medical clinics without having a number to the clinics. I understand the same issue is very common, but this needs to be addressed ASAP. I am not sure why these numbers are not listed, but I will continue to work with my command to find out who we need to talk to in order to get this issue resolved. If I have to go up all the way to the Post Commander, I have no problem doing so.

  9. The receptionist at physical therapy at joint base Andrews are terrible. They are not professional, don't care a bit about patients and they just hang up the phone . They need to be retrain or replaced. I bet a volunteer will do a better job for free. It's very sad to have these kind of people without heart taking care us.

  10. I have been trying to schedule an appointment with the Flight Medicine section for three days and I have yet to talk to the ONLY person who can make the appointment. How can these people get away with providing such a poor service?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I wish there was an option to give a zero star rating. I called to set up a physical. After three transfers got connected to flight medicine office, but was unable to talk to anyone, despite calling several times.

  12. I didn't believe the reviews but they are correct, It just hangs up on you. ANY extension.

  13. It is inexcusable that in 3 months their phone system still doesn't work. If patients cant reach the clinics then the hospital administration has FAILED at their jobs and perhaps the USAF should get some folks in there who want to work and practice medicine. They're lucky this doesn't belong to the DHA, VADM Bono wouldn't tolerate this incompetence.

  14. Good luck trying to reach your PCM in order to ask a simple question. You'll find a dozen phone numbers that go absolutely nowhere and 'Emergent Care' has a whopping one doctor working there, the lady here in front of us that has been waiting for 5 hours. For having such a flashy new building this place sure is a joke. You'll die in the waiting room.

  15. I have found it impossible to get through to any number at the medical clinic. I end up dead ended every time. Someone who is responsible for the phone system needs to try to call in without having an extension number to enter. Unsat!!

  16. When calling the Hospital Operator (240-612-1155), and asked to press to talk to someone, it says "information desk twice", then "thank you for calling"; and hangs up. Please fix!!!

  17. Absolutely broken system, Appointment line is a joke. Zero responce from any function and no accountability to fix or even find a solution. No even a means to let them know how screwed up the system is not working. Can't make this nonsense up

  18. I can't believe it! A new multi-million dollar facility and the phones don't work? This hospital is not even synched with the Integrated Referral Management and Appointment Call Center! This has been going on for at least 2 months. Who's responsible for this? There ought to be a job opening. IJS

  19. Wow. Their phone system is terrible. No one answers. 10 min on hold yields a robot voice, "Thank you for calling, Goodbye." and click. It's 1000 hours on a Tuesday, no reason for not answering the 11 phone numbers I called.

  20. Terrible: Patient Advocate about 50% of time doesn't return a call or skirts problem with excuses. Pharmacy gave expired meds twice in less than 6 months, never apologized til we talked to higher ups. Family Prac never has anyone answer phones or play back msg system, literally never called back, when you reach someone they want you to "come in" just to get ordered test results read/discussed. Nobody accountable so nobody cares.

  21. I get an appt w/ Podiatry at Malcolm Grove through the Central Appt Line (1-855-227-6331) for 4 May at 0800. I show up at 0750 only to be told that Dr. Puckett was not here today. When the military troop corrects the receptionist, saying that Doc should be in by 0800 I feel a bit better. Then, a minute later, I'm told that I shouldn't have been given the appt and that I'll have to reschedule! YGTBKM! Needless to say, I am VERY upset! R, Frank Sweigart, Capt, USN (RET). Sadly, typical!