Snack Bar at the Bowling Center

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  • Sat
    0630 - 2400
    0630 - 2400

Café 300 at Barksdale AFB is an award winning snack bar located inside Barksdale Lanes. The snack bar serves a wide variety of delicious hot grill food and a good selection of grab-and-go items. Guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as appetizers and salads. In addition to their hot sandwiches and grill item, Café 300 serves a daily lunch special Mondays through Fridays for around $6 that includes a hot meal and soft drink. Meal cards (ESM) are welcome. Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Midnight Meals.

Cafe' 300 also serves six beers on tap, plus a dozen or more ice cold, bottled beers, as well as wine and spirits.

Source: Barksdale Life Website


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