Child Development Center (CDC) - Courthouse Bay

  • Camp LejeuneHwy 172, Bldg BB-353, Camp Lejeune, NC 28547
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    0545 - 1800
    0545 - 1800
    0545 - 1800
    0545 - 1800
    0545 - 1800
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    CDC is Closed Holidays

The Courthouse Bay Child Development Center (CDC) at Camp Lejeune is located at the corner of Hwy 172 and Marines Rd.
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Source: MCCS Lejeune Child & Youth Programs Website


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4 Reviews

  1. My daughter started going here at just 12 weeks old. Her teachers are absolutely amazing. She did get sick at first but I think that is normal as her immune system was not built up yet. She seems to really enjoy her time in daycare. I love how clean they keep the facility and have never had an issue with any of the staff.

  2. The staff are friendly and very helpful. My child's teachers are super kind and worked with me closely while I got my son's stomach issues figured out. The breastmilk policy is a tad ridiculous for pre-todd, but it's not the staffs fault or their rules so I understand that they have to follow policies. I pay my bill on time, so I can't speak about what sorts of means they might resort to in order to try and receive compensation.

  3. The entire staff at this CDC is extremely rude, particularly the office staff and the front desk. They recently called my child's emergency contacts asking for payment and threatened to send costs to collections on the FIRST day of "late fees". A simple nudge to pay would have sufficed, considering you have to actually visit to pay in person and not every family brings their child on a daily basis. The way that the staff here approaches issues is extremely unprofessional and rude.

  4. Front desk staff is rude. Over crowded. Payment policy is ridiculous Even if you’re dead, better make your payment or your kid will be kicked out.