Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune

  • Camp Lejeune100 Brewster Blvd, Bldg H100, Camp Lejeune, NC
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The Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital is located on Hospital Corps Blvd just off of Brewster Blvd.

Department Phone Numbers
Internal Medicine (910) 450-4520
Labor and Delivery (910) 450-4280
Laboratory (910) 450-4606
Mammography (910) 450-HELP (4357)
Medical Boards (910) 450-4588
Mother, Baby Unit (910) 450-4245
Multi-Service Ward (910) 450-4355
NHCL Director of Nursing Service (910) 450-4016
Nutrition Management (910) 450-4588
OB/GYN (910) 450-4561
Preventive Medicine (910) 451-5707
Quarterdeck / Information Desk (910) 451-3079
Radiology (910) 450-4800
Refractive Surgery (910) 450-4965
SARP (910) 451-1175
Surgery Clinic (910) 450-4760
Urology (910) 450-4860


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2 Reviews

  1. I suffer from a very Rare, “PAINFUL” condition and most medical hospitals treat me terribly because they do not know how to treat my problem. They took care of me fast and with legitimate concern for my health! I did not feel like a burden to them and I really appreciate the support from the Nurses on up to the Doctors! I want to thank them for being so kind! Your personality does help the mental aspect of a chronic condition people have to deal with on a daily basis! Thank you!

  2. 23 August I had radiological procedure (guided injection) to right shoulder. The service and professionalism was excellent and the team that took care of me was attentive . My shoulder improved 100% and I am back in the game