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    0730 - 1930
    0730 - 1930
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    Satellite facility Mon-Fri 0630-0800, 1630-2000, Sat-Sun 0830-1100.

The laundry service at Camp Lemonnier is free of charge and is usually available for pick-up within 48hrs. The laundry service does not include ironing (the tailor’s shop will iron DCUs for $3.00 per set). In addition, the wash is very hard – delicates will not survive for long, even DCU’s take a beating. Items can become grubby after a few washes. For ‘White House’ residents there is a daily collection from a pick up point and drop-off to the CLU service. The NEX has all the requisite powders etc. Bring two White Mesh Laundry bags. If you forget to bring a white mesh laundry bag the NEX has some for sale.

Self-service laundry is located throughout Cluville and Camp, to the rear of Building 100. Another self-service laundry is next to the main laundry, located beside the DFAC in Camp Centre and more are located in Cluville. There is no charge to use the self-service laundry, however, be prepared to wait, especially during weekends, due to the popularity of these washers and dryers.


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