Subway Area 21 (Del Mar)

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Subway Area 21 (Del Mar) at Camp Pendleton is located in Bldg. 210619, serving military personnel and civilians.


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5 Reviews

  1. Don't EVER go through that drive thru. In fact just avoid this location all together. They can't get things right.

  2. I went here tonight super excited to get my sandwich cause it's been my pregnancy craving all week. I got home with my sandwich and hubbys both being completely wrong. Also I emphasized multiple times that I am allergic to onions and cannot have them on my sandwich but got home to both our sandwiches having onions. Very disappointed. The night lady in the drive threw didn't seem to pay attention at all. Also made me wait in the window to pay her almost 10 minutes.

  3. customer service very poor especially when going through drive through. Ordered a spicy Italian with every vegetable and ranch. Came back home and took a bite to have nothing but lettuce. To whoever that female is that works night shift should be fired. Very poor customer service and doesn't care about what you want on your sandwich.

  4. customer service very poor, slow and lazy. only two employees working at the middle of dinner rush. Sandwich slopped together, no since of urgency or care. Made two more sandwiches not pertaining to my order before ringing me up. Dissatisfied

  5. We went there Monday and the service was incredibly slow. Went back Tuesday and the service was much faster. Both times the orders were correct