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  • Mon
    0500 - 2200
    0500 - 2200
    0500 - 2200
    0500 - 2200
    0500 - 2200
    0700 - 1900
    0700 - 1900
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    Holiday Hours: 0800–2200.

The Camp Shields Fitness Center, located on Camp Shields in Okinawa, Japan, is the hub for Fitness and Sports programs. The Camp Shields Fitness Center offers sports and fitness events throughout the year, a gymnasium, weight room, exercise room, sauna, a variety of classes and massage chairs to wind down after your workout. The facility has personal trainers on staff for groups or individuals to assist in maintaining or achieving your fitness goals. The Fitness Center also maintains a paintball program.

Please Note: to connect to establishments on Camp Shields via off-base phone, you must first dial 098-938-1111 followed by the 7-digit DSN extension number.


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