ID Card Facility (Customer Service)

  • Dobbins ARB1342 Dobbins Place, Room 1033, Bldg 727, Marietta, GA 30069
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    0800 - 1530
    0800 - 1530
    0800 - 1530
    0800 - 1530
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    ID Card Office is closed from 1200-1300 for lunch. Call to make an appointment if the RAPIDS Scheduler is down.

The ID Card Facility (Customer Service) at Dobbins ARB holds walk-in hours: 0800 - 1000 and appointments will be serviced from 1000 - 1530. Appointments should be scheduled in 15 min interval per individual.

Source: RAPIDS Website


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8 Reviews

  1. Slow, unfocused, and bureaucratic. This office needs some command attention to get the focus back on customers. Observations: 1. If RAPIDS requires a specific web browser, make it known. 2. Customers should be treated with professionalism and respect. 3. Substandard processing time - barely 4 customers an hour. 4. Wasted time - printing info sheets and chatting while 11 people waited. 5. Lunch hour was more important than dealing with the backlog. One couple had been waiting for 2.5 hrs.

  2. Not customer friendly. Only get a recording. Would be great if hours were given and if you needed an appointment. Please revamp recording.

  3. I have tried for 3 days to contact the ID card office only to get a answering machine. I have left numerous messages but as of now no one has returned my calls. I'm trying to find out information on what paper work I might need to get my wife a new ID card I would hate to drive 60 miles one way to be turned away. I am retired and have never been to Dobbins ARB

  4. I have called every day for a week and left a message. (it says to leave a message.) I have yet to have anyone answer or return my calls.

  5. I am retired army, and find it hard to believe that some form of checklist is not available at your location to assist members with obtaining ID cards.I have been to Dobbins AFB on three occasions to try to obtain an ID card for my great niece . To date I have not received the information that I require to obtain the ID card.

  6. Appointment Scheduler feature on website not working.

  7. I've been trying to call all morning to ask if the ID Card Center will be open on Monday (Columbia Day - not included online) yet, no response. The automatic answer message instructs you to NOT leave a message as it is not monitored, however, it allows you the option to leave a message. Who is running this service if anyone?? Maybe they should focus on having someone actually *answer* the phones during their normal business hours.

  8. Very professional, polite and organized. I left the office feeling that all of my concerns and challenges were well taken care of. I moved here form Fort Knox and they need to take notes from your office on how to properly help service members. I have gained an new level of respect for the Air Force after my visit. Thank you