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  • Dover AFB423 Chevron Ave, Dover AFB, DE 19902
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  • Mon
    0530 - 2200
    0530 - 2200
    0530 - 2200
    0530 - 2200
    0530 - 2200
    0700 - 1800
    0700 - 1800
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    Open 24/7 (unmanned). Holiday Hours: 1000-1800.

The Dover AFB Fitness Center provides the base population with a state of the art fitness facility. The center contains space for cardiovascular, selectorized and free weight strength training equipment.

The cardiovascular area contains a wide variety of machines. The strength training area includes two full sets of selectorized weight machines. The free weight room is equipped 20,000 pounds of free weights, benches and weight equipment.

The cardio area is equipped with 24 stereo TV's attached to the Cardio Theater system allowing patrons to choose the program they wish to listen to by plugging their headphones into a jack on the equipment and selecting the correct channel.

The facility also houses a multi-use gymnasium which is mainly used for intramural and self-directed programs such as basketball and volleyball.

***The Fitness Center recently implemented an electronic check-in system. Each ID cardholder will need to be registered in the system on their first visit to the facility. Once registered, the member will simply scan their ID as they enter on subsequent visits. The electronic check-in system registration takes a maximum of two minutes per member and registration is only necessary one time. This system will ensure accurate facility usage information that will be used to determine peak usage times and hours of operation, as well as justify funding for equipment and faciltty upgrades. The electronic system will also be used to determine trends for Fitness Center programming that will meet the needs of clientele based on usage patterns. The Fitness Center continuously strives to improve our customer service and the electronic check-in system is one more step in that journey.***



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  1. People here are very friendly. Great place for military wives to make new friends. Very clean from what I've seen. The free classes are super!