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  • Edwards AFB Landfill & Recycling Center Phone
    Edwards AFB Landfill & Recycling Center Phone 2
  • Mon
    0630 - 1630
    0630 - 1630
    0630 - 1630
    0630 - 1630
    0630 - 1630
    0730 - 1030
  • Hours Info
    See information section for detailed hours information.

The Landfill & Recycling Center on Edwards AFB is available for waste and recycle management.

Recycling Center Hours:
Mon-Fri 0700-1630, Sat 0730-1030

Base residents may choose to deliver refuse or recyclables to the Edwards AFB landfill. Managed by J. Torres Co., Inc., the landfill is a state-certified redemption center and authorized to reimburse customers for their California Redemption Value deposits paid on aluminum, glass, and plastic drink containers at the time of purchase. The landfill will close when winds exceed 45 mph.

There are items that the landfill is not authorized to accept - universal waste; household hazardous waste; oil; car batteries; tires; paints; cleaning fluids; appliances; auto parts; or machinery containing Freon, gasoline, oils, or propane. Other items the landfill is not authorized to accept are electronics, televisions, computer components and any liquids over one gallon, including cooking fluids.

Source: Edwards AFB Website


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