Visitors Center - West Gate

  • Eglin AFBEglin Blvd, Bldg 2591, Eglin AFB, FL
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  • Mon
    0600 - 2200
    0600 - 2200
    0600 - 2200
    0600 - 2200
    0600 - 2200
    0600 - 2200
  • Hours Info
    The Gate is Open 24/7.

***The phones are only answered during Visitor Center Business Hours***

Services conducted at the West Gate Visitor Control Center will include the following:
Visitor Passes
Contractor Badges
Contractor Escort Badges (NEW)
Honorary Commander Badges (NEW)
Geneva Convention Badges (NEW)
PCS/Separation Out-Processing requirements (NEW)


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1 Review

  1. 1st visit I hrdly recvd eye contct as the airmen chatting. I didn't feel acknowledged and was not givn any kind of greeting, straight to the point questions It was all very automatic. I was not told to put pass in the windshield of my car, I saw the very tiny print after leaving base. After visit I saw the name on pass did not match the name on my drivers license and wasn't noticed. I rarely leave reviews but did not feel welcom at all to say the least. friendly greeting would've been nice.