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The Barber Shop is located in the Ellsworth AFB Exchange.


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2 Reviews

  1. Asked for a medium skin fade from the lady with slicked back purple hair. I'm not entirely sure what she gave me, but this uneven, soup sandwich, abomination is not a medium skin fade. The only "nice haircuts" I got were sarcastic. Any given part of my hair is uneven from the equivalent hairs 3 inches away. I look as though I developed Parkinson's, then tried to cut my own hair.

  2. Was getting a haircut and after the male barber cut around the ears he said, "so.. it's probably a little higher than you wanted but I'll try to make it better." afterwards when he knew he messed up, he cut the one side shorter to make it "not as bad", then showed me as if he was done cutting. I said don't you have to trim the other side since you just cut this one shorter... And he said Ohh ya woulda forgot. Avoid him. 3/3 times he's messed up and supervision commented and complained about it.