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JBER Outdoor Recreation encompasses everything from that tent/camper/RV you want to go camping in, taking the ATV trip or ice climbing adventure your buddy told you about, to the extra tables and chairs you need for that next party/reception. Outdoor Recreation facilities are located across JBER, offering the best opportunity to explore the Alaskan out of doors or rent equipment at great cost savings!

JBER-Elmendorf Recreation Center located at 7301 13th St. JBER-E Outdoor Recreation Equipment Issue offers both winter and summer recreational items for a nominal fee. You can choose from items such as summer/winter fishing gear, dip nets, super cookers gas BBQs, table, chairs, picnic supplies, cross-country skis, snow shoes, propane heaters, backpacks, camping accessories, sleds, bikes, log splitters, snow blowers and ice skates, and much more. The center is open year-round seven days a week; hours vary by season. Before renting boats and motors, people must take a boating safety course. For information call 1-907-552-2023.

JBER-Richardson Recreation Center is located on the Davis Highway. JBER-R Outdoor Recreation Equipment Issue is only open April – September, and offers large items such as boats and campers. Boaters saftey course required before renting ocean going boats.

Recreational vehicle storage lots may be rented through the JBER Elmendorf center. Spaces ranging from 15-55 ft. Prices are $1.25 for Active Duty and $1.50 for all other personnel per foot. Pull through slots cost an additional $0.25 per foot.


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  1. No mention as to request for equipment can be online or must be in person. Other than this it seems to be a good page and setup.