92nd Medical Group

  • Fairchild AFB701 Hospital Loop, Suite 306, Fairchild AFB, WA 99011
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  • Mon
    0730 - 1630
    0730 - 1630
    0730 - 1630
    0730 - 1630
    0730 - 1630
  • Hours Info
    Pharmacy Mon 0800-1630, Tue-Fri 0730-1630. Closed All Federal Holidays.

Fairchild AFB 92nd Medical Group Services:
- Family Health
- Flight Medicine
- Pediatrics
- Women's Health
- Optometry
- Pharmacy
- Laboratory
- Radiology
- Drug Demand and Reduction Program
- Mental Health
- Dental Clinic
- Physical Therapy
- Immunizations
- Health and Wellness Center
- Public Health
- Life Skills
- Family Advocacy
- Resiliency Program


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5 Reviews

  1. I appreciate talking to a live person! They are respectful and prompt ! Nothing but good experiences at the clinic!

  2. Have used the 92nd medical group for five years now. Have gone from active-duty Army to retired status. Folks are always friendly I’ve even had the commander stop me in the hall when I looked confused where I needed to go. Pharmacy does take longer than I’d appreciate at times but they’re always courteous and helpful. During a power outage wants the OAC was great and keeping all of us up-to-date and what was going on and how they were trying to work past the outage to serve us.

  3. This med center is awesome! I always get the help I need and it's FAST!!!

  4. It takes over an hour to fill new prescriptions & taking a number to submit them takes forever! I've had to wait 15+ mins just to turn in the paper. It's another hour to get them. No name being posted to pick them up. An ADA compliant window that is never open. My husband is in a wheelchair & can't see behind the counter when getting my prescriptions because he must use the taller windows. Being ADA compliant by just having the window doesn't make you compliant if you don't have it open.

  5. We arrived at the Pharmacy at the hospital and was checked in by 1030 am. We were told that it would only by 40 minutes. At 1200 pm we checked the status of the prescriptions, which at that time we were told that they could not fill 6 of 7 prescriptions until 3/31/2017. We waited over an hour for nothing wasting our time. It would be beneficial the pharmacy if they can not fill a prescription to let the effected member know so time is not wasted.