Fairchild Inn

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Fairchild Inn at Fairchild AFB is located at 300 N. Short St., Fairchild AFB, WA.


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  1. these appear to be old enlisted rooms, (the ones that are studio type rooms with a shared bathroom), that has been converted into a single guest room. So one of the old rooms is the living room area, and the other room is the bedroom, with the bathroom in between, like a "jack-n-jill" type setup. being as old as they look, they are actually quite nice. clean and roomy. with a full fridge, and a TV in each room that has a VHS/DVD player. The free Wi-Fi worked great. It seems that each building, (I was in #2272), has a small gym, and laundry. (free!!) The Shoppette was right across the street, and the Exchange/ Commissary was about 2 blocks away. Downtown Spokane, (River Park Square), was about 12 miles, and took about 20 minutes to drive there.