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  • Fort Belvoir8651 John J. Kingman Rd, Bldg 2321, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060
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    0900 - 2100
    0900 - 2100
    0900 - 2100
    0900 - 2100
    0900 - 2100
    0900 - 2100
    1000 - 1900

The Fort Belvoir Post Exchange (PX) is open to military and family members with ID. Along with general retail products and sales, the PX also houses a barber and beauty shop, watch and shoe repair, laundry and dry cleaning, alterations, and an optical shop. The lobby of the Belvoir PX also contains several food vendors which are open to the public.


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  1. I used to work there and I loved it the people I worked with were like family and I am so happy the PX is grounded on serving those who serve,by giving back. I still have this to say to all of you still working there to those who are new working there ...w͏a͏y to go team! Keep on serving our military men and woman who sacrifice and have sacrificed so much I was there when they built the Px from the ground up and thank you to those who made our new Px what it is still to this day, a family !