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Fort Belvoir Community Hospital is a joint-service healthcare network providing world-class medical care to the nation's wounded, active-duty service members, retirees and family members. The hospital is designed to increase inpatient and outpatient care for service members and veterans in the National Capital Region.


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3 Reviews

  1. I placed a request to have my prescription meds to be approved so I could get a refill. The nurse in Family Care called me on17th of August to let me know the meds were in the system at FT Belvoir PX.. I went to the PX to pick up on 19 August only to find nothing was approved in the system. I waited and went back about an hour later still nothing. I went to San Diego for a week w/o meds. Very disappointed and I have started my search for meds just before writing this email.

  2. Any thing would be an improvement! From taking 90 minutes in Lab for blood draw and blaming patients when you complain. To many other issues in pharmacy and others most act like your bothering them surprise without us they don't need you. And you can always go to command staff but save your time been there done that they smile and do NOTHING. No customer service lost records no one wants to be responsible.

  3. I was able to navigate to the department I needed easily. Thank you so much