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  • Fort Belvoir8651 John J. Kingman Rd, Bldg 2321, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060
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Fort Belvoir Satellite Pharmacy is located in the exchange. This is the preferred location for all refill pickups and hard-copy (paper) prescriptions.

For phone refills at Fort Belvoir, Dumfries or Fairfax:
Step 1: Call (800) 377-1723, and Press 2 for pickup at an Army facility
Step 2: For facilities in Virginia, Press 2
Step 3:
For Fort Belvoir Exchange Pharmacy, Press 1
For Dumfries Pharmacy, Press 2
For Fairfax Pharmacy, Press 3
Step 4: To refill or check the status of prescriptions, Press 1
Step 5: Enter the last four numbers of the sponsor’s social security number, and then Press #.
Step 6: Enter the eight digits of the prescription number, and Press #.
Step 7:
To refill the prescription, Press 1
To check the status of the prescription, Press 2
The system will then inform you if the prescription is able to be refilled and when it will be ready.

Or order your refills online using the Online Refills Link above.


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6 Reviews

  1. I like the system at Fairfax Family Health. You check in right away, and then wait as prescription gets filled, or retrieved. At the PX, you can wait over 45 minutes, just to check in, (after scanning in your ID-what does that accomplish?) then start the wait over again for filling. I’ve waited on called in refills that were su to be ready for over an hour-a common drug drug for cholesterol, nothing new or fancy.

  2. I think given the volume of prescriptions that are filled daily the sevice and helpfulness I receive from the exchange are outstanding and the convenience of being able to pick up my prescription at the exchange is an added plus

  3. Not very consumer oriented. Always a wait. Seldom less than 1/2 hours. Often much more. If civilian doctor calls in a prescription, they don't do anything until you wait in order to let them know you are there. Then wait some more to get it filled. It has taken as much as 2 hours to get through this process. No organization that had to worry about keeping their customers would operate as this one does.

  4. The pharmacy staff are friendly and do such a great job. I can always count on good service.

  5. The location is convenient. The refill system works well. Rarely is the wait more than 15 minutes.

  6. I was happy to find out that I could refill my prescription over the phone while speaking to an actual person. I didn't have my prescription # but he was able to look it up by my SSN, and my husband could pick it up with my id. Awesome!