Pizza Hut - Food Court

  • Fort Belvoir8651 John J. Kingman Rd, Bldg 2321, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060
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    1000 - 2000
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    1030 - 1900

The Fort Belvoir Pizza Hut is located at the Fort Belvoir Exchange Food Court.


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2 Reviews

  1. Went there Saturday, 26 August, for their special.. two medium pizza, breadsticks and cookie for 19.99 And was told they don’t do thin crust only pan pizza(even though the board reflected they do have thin crust). Also, rolled her eyes because it was 4pm and they were about to close at 5. Dominoes it is!

  2. On a side note they will not split your wings into different flavors they will make you order separate smaller orders even if it's just two flavors. They will also talk to ever so nicely like you are dumb. If I wasn't stuck at work I would have gone somewhere else.