The Lynch Collection

  • Fort Belvoir8651 John J. Kingman Rd, Bldg 2321, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060
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    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    1000 - 1800

The Lynch Collection at Fort Belvoir is located inside the Main Exchange.


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1 Review

  1. My husband and son bought a suit here. The wrong suit arrived for my son but he kept it since he needed it for his first homecoming dance. My husband went to the store for the 3rd time today. It was the wrong suit too. He was offered an alternative. Another gentleman in the store who said this was his SIXTH time to visit. Operating without a computer to accurately manage inventories, not following up with customers, and wasting their time with alternative suits is poor customer service.