Wood Theater

  • Fort Belvoir6050 Abbot Rd, Bldg 2120, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060
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    Movies showing Friday to Sunday

Admission prices for Wood Theater at Fort Belvoir:

Regular Showing:
Adult $6.00
Child $3.50

3D Showing:
Adult $8.00
Child: $5.50

First Run:
Adult $8.00
Child $5.50

3D First Run:
Adult $10.00
Child $7.50

Children Ages 11 and under.


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13 Reviews

  1. The reviews are up from a year ago! Maybe AAFES will someday let Terrence lower prices (AAFES invested in Wood while closing other theaters). Wood is an AAFES profit center and NAF activity, and not in MWR (its logo used to be on the program, a practice that his predecessor Jim had started). As for the occasional cold winter night at Wood, blame it on Facilities Management (just like we do in our gov't offices -- good luck on that one). To Terrence and team, thanks for pulling for us.

  2. Tycobb, I agree with you. It appears Fort Belvior's MWR has maxed out all their MWR services on Post just a few dollars below what is paid off Post. Plus they think they're still doing a service to the military family community. They charge a mint for their RV camp where the say their RV camp is not called a fam-camp because of its high rental fees compared to what I experienced at other military installations. They care less about what use to be known among military family "The MWR family."

  3. Hey, why are the tickets so expensive? they are only marginally less than the real movie theaters. Boo.... Other bases throughout the country only charge a nominal fee. This is not what MWR is all about. Tickets should be $3 max, for ANY movie at a base theater.

  4. I love attending military theaters for a variety of reasons: inexpensive tickets, good popcorn and the National Anthem is played!

  5. I love that you can see the movies before they are completely out of theaters here! They are cheaper and the seats are comfortable. Summer time they have awesome bundles for the kids!

  6. FYI... If you plan on seeing a moving bundle up, bring a blanket and plan on paying full price for a movie in a building that the heat is turned off in.

  7. Love going to this theater, the price is great compared to off post, it's convenient if you live on post and the manager (and staff) are great. It has a great sound and picture, the only thing I wish they had was stadium seating, but for the $5 price tag I can overlook it.

  8. My daughters and I have been going for over 10 years! Awesome movies and great affordability for our family! It's a family oriented theatre. And the guy who runs the place makes it a pleasant experience! He's always interactive!

  9. Prices not that great. Better at University Mall Theater in Fairfax off Braddock rd. Was jipped on popcorn with promise to make more and adding ice in machine for drinks. Guys bailed out early and got neither. Don't plan to return. Like the MWR theaters much better.

  10. Good seats and sound. Popcorn is too expensive. Great Manager who cares about the customers

  11. I've been going to Wood Theater since 1984 with my first assignment at Ft. Belvoir. I took my children and their friends and am now taking my grandchildren and their friends. It has always been an affordable and rewarding experience for our family and their friends. Now with Terrence and his staff there it is even more enjoyable and their always friendly atmosphere. He always makes us feel welcome. It's also nice now that I have found the movie schedule online and available at the PX.

  12. I'm a longtime visitor to Wood Theater and love going there. It has changed a great deal over the years and with Terrence (the manager), it has taken off over the last several years. He works diligently to bring value to the customer while also making a profit. His staff are all hard workers and I see the faces of many of them from years past. It's always a good time at Wood. Keep up the great work, Terrence!

  13. Decent base movie theatre however lacks proper movie advertisement, ie., show times on the internet, signs in the exchange/shoppettes displaying the highlighted movies that are now playing or coming soon, etc. I suggest maybe even a stand in any AAFES location with a print out for the upcoming month as that may be more cost effective than signs.. Besides that, very well kept up by management and very affordable.