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  • Fort Benning7770 Sightseeing Rd., Bldg 2828, Fort Benning, GA
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Bernheim Dental Clinic at Fort Benning provides routine hygiene and general dentistry support. Specialty care is referred to Love Dental Clinic or down town to a civilian dentist through the Active Duty Dental Plan (ADDP).

Bernheim Dental clinic is located on Sightseeing Rd at the intersection of Way St., across the street from the Sightseeing Road Chapel and Audie Murphy Gym in the 11th Engineer and 75th Ranger area just down Sightseeing Road from the Airborne School.

The Dental Clinic has 32 dental chairs and serves approximately 5,000 soldiers.

Units Supported: 75th Ranger, 11th ENG, 13th CS, 14th CSH, 199th IN Perm Party, USAIC

Bernheim Dental Clinic is named after Colonel Julien R. Bernheim, who served as the 5th Chief, Army Dental Corps from 1928-1932.


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