Chaplain - Main Office

  • Fort Benning7001 Brockman St, Bldg 102, Fort Benning, GA 31905
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The Chaplain's Office at Fort Benning is available to provide comprehensive religious support; manage, assign, train, staff, supervise all chaplains and chaplain assistants; coordinate, integrate and supervise all chaplain activities, religious services, ministries or observances; manage the US Army Family Life Chaplain Training Program and all religious facilities.

To support your after hours requirements there is a Staff Duty Chaplain on call after duty hours (1700-0900 weekdays -- 24 hours a day on all weekends and holidays). To reach the Staff Duty Chaplain, contact the Fort Benning Staff Duty Officer at 545-2218. The Fort Benning Staff Duty Officer will in turn contact the Staff Duty Chaplain.

Source: Benning Religious Services


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