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Weekday Mass
1200 Mon – Fri (Duty Days only) at MCoE Main Post Chapel

Saturday Mass
1630 at Main Post Chapel

Sunday Mass
0900 at Main Post Chapel
1100 at Tedford Dining Facility, Harmony Church
1230 Spanish Mass at The Infantry Center Chapel
1330-1430 at Soldiers Chapel, Sand Hill (Services for Soldiers in Training)
1500-1600 at Regimental Chapel, Sand Hill (Services for Soldiers in Training)
1700 at Martin Army Community Hospital

1200-1300 Sunday at Soldiers Chapel, Sand Hill (for Soldiers in Training) 1530-1630 Saturday at Main Post Chapel

Main Post:
The Infantry Center Chapel (545-2050):
Sunday 0900
Sunday 1100

Airborne Chapel (545-1549):
Sunday 0900

Sightseeing Road Chapel [Gospel] (545-2169):
Sunday 1100

Martin Army Community Hospital Chapel (544-1382):
Wednesday 1200

CrossRoads Contemporary Service [MCoE Main Post Chapel] (545-7059):
Sunday 1100

Sand Hill:
Regimental Chapel (544-9496):
Sunday 0830
Sunday 0945

Soldiers Chapel (544-9601):
Sunday 0830
Sunday 1100

Kelley Hill:
Kelley Hill Chapel (544-1692):
Sunday 1100

Harmony Church:
Tedford Dining Facility (626-8762):
Sunday 0800
Sunday 0900

Latter Day Saints:(for Soldiers in Training only)
Sand Hill Recreation Center
Sunday 0930-1130

Muslim (for Soldiers in Training only)
Sand Hill Recreation Center
Sunday 0800-0900

Regimental Chapel, Sand Hill
Friday 1830-1930
Sunday 0800-0900
Sunday 0915-1000 (Jewish Education Class)

Sightseeing Road Chapel
Sunday 1800


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  1. Have had the opportunity to attend Cross Roads Church/ Main Post Chapel at 11:00, Airborne Chapel/ 8:30, and Gospel Service which meets at the Main Post Chapel on Ingersoll at 13:00 hours on Sunday. Have attended each service several times and like them all very much. Very friendly and welcoming people at all of the services. The chaplains are real and down to earth, and give messages that anyone can connect to. Donuts and coffee encourage everyone to stick around and meet each other. M. O'Leary