Soldier Family Medical Clinic

  • Fort BlissRicker Rd, West, Bldg 2496, Fort Bliss, TX 79916
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  • Mon
    0700 - 1700
    0700 - 1700
    0700 - 1700
    0700 - 1700
    0700 - 1700
  • Hours Info
    Closed the 1st and 3rd Thursday 1300-1700 of every month for training.

Soldier Family Medical Clinic (SFMC), Bldg 2496. This clinic is located on West Fort Bliss. Enter through Cassidy Gate. Go straight. Turn right on Ricker Road. The clinic is next to the old base theater.

Pharmacy Hours
Monday - Friday 0800-1700

Vaccines are on a walk-in basis for SFMC patients only. Walk-ins are accommodated from 0700-1100 and 1300-1500. Patients requiring immunizations from scheduled visits will be seen 0700-1600. Shot records are required to administer vaccines. Patients will also need to be established in our clinic and current on preventive health to be eligible to receive vaccines.


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3 Reviews

  1. I did have to call back and go through all the telephone prompts again but I did talk to a human, eventually, to make an appointment.

  2. agreed, team garrison never answer the phone ever!!

  3. Why does it take forever to answer the phone I have call 3 times now ???