Child and Youth Services (CYS)

  • Fort BraggKnox St, Bldg 1-4157, Fort Bragg, NC 28307
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  • Mon
    0830 - 1700
    0830 - 1700
    0830 - 1700
    0830 - 1700
    0830 - 1700
  • Hours Info
    Every 3rd Wednesday open at 1000

The Fort Bragg Child & Youth School Services Center can assist you with:
Full-day Care
Part-Day Preschool
Hourly Care
School Age Services
Family Child Care
Middle School/Teen Program
Youth Activities
Instructional Classes
Youth Education Support Services
Outreach Programs


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2 Reviews

  1. I've been extremely unsatisfied with CYS on Fort Bragg. Any question from Cooke CDC personnel is met with a "no" before the words are out of my mouth, the Director is rude, children are put down to nap with all of the lights on, and employees talking and putting chairs on the tables ext...It truly feels like the only thing employees are concerned with is not getting a finding from the state, the care of your child is secondary.

  2. I am extremely disappointed with CYS. I tried to enroll my young child to participate in one mother-tot swim activity while husband was deployed (would have been free). I filed an application and ended up wasting 2.5 additional months getting extra paperwork completed from doctors only to be told that it was not needed but I still had to attend a meeting.There is a strong lack of communication among people in this office. I gave up as the activity is not worth the waste of time and high stress.