Dental Clinic - Smoke Bomb Hill

  • Fort Bragg3817 Gruber Rd, Bldg H, Fort Bragg, NC 28307
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    0715 - 1615
    0715 - 1615
    0715 - 1615
    0715 - 1615
    0715 - 1615
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    Mon-Fri Appointment hours 0800 - 1030 and 1230 - 1615

Smoke Bomb Hill Dental Clinic, formerly known as Dental Clinic #5, opened in February 1981. It is one of three 78-chair clinics utilized by the U.S. Army Dental Corps and is staffed by military, civilian and contract personnel.

The clinic is also home to the Advanced Education In General Dentistry (AEGD-2 year) Program. Comprised of mentors, AEGD students and its ancillary staff, the Residency Clinic is accessible by referral to patients from other clinics for comprehensive care, dental implants, fixed and removable prosthetics, endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics and pediatric dentistry.

It is located near the intersection of Gruber Rd and 6th St

Source: WAMC


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3 Reviews

  1. Staff are very rude and they feel we are there to serve them. I would never go to this clinic if it was an option.

  2. I feel his frustration in trying to set an appointment utilizing the appointment line.... I have spent three days so far and no answer.

  3. The staff spends most of its energy trying not to give you services. I had to call repeatedly over the course of 2 days just to get someone to answer the appointment line. Then they do not want to see you unless they have to. When they do see you they will only treat you for your stated appointment reason telling you to make another appointment after which they tell you that you are not in the system for anything so they will not give you an appointment.