Express/Class Six/Gas - Pines

  • Fort Bragg4227 Hefner Rd, Bldg 2-2650, Fort Bragg, NC 28310
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  • Mon
    0630 - 1900
    0630 - 1900
    0630 - 1900
    0630 - 1900
    0630 - 1900
    0800 - 2100
    0900 - 2100
  • Hours Info
    Gas Pumps 24/7

The Pines Express is located in the parking lot of the South Post Exchange. The Pines Express also serves as a Class Six and Gas Station.

The Gas station is open 24/7

Burger King Hours
Mon-Fri 0700-2100
Sat 0800-2000
Sun 0900-2000


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1 Review

  1. People are always parking in the gas lanes while they shop in the Class-6 store or grab a burger. Customers cannot get gas until the person shopping returns to his/her vehicle. Although signs are posted to not leave vehicles unattended, patrons do just that constantly, especially military personnel and spouses. This is extremely frustrating especially around payday. Please have someone police this area to not allow shoppers to park and leave their vehicles next to the gas pumps.