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Antilles Elementary School at Fort Buchanan is a beautiful and modern architectural structure. The new building was built to facilitate 21st Century learning, and contains the latest features in flexibility, adaptability, sustainability, and energy conservation. It is the beginning of a transformation process in the type of education AES Faculty and Staff Members are committed to provide in order to help generate students who are competitive in our global world.

The new facility is a two floor structure with Pre-Kindergarten, Kinder, First and Second grades on the first floor, and Third, Fourth and Fifth grades on the second floor. Each hallway has a distinctive color above its entrance and are called Neighborhoods. The Nighborhoods contain Learning Studios, which are learning environments that cater to 21st Century education which differ greatly from the traditional school classroom. It provides educators and students with the opportunity to experiment with the flexibility in space, moveable furniture, and technology.

Source: DoDea Website


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