North Automotive Self-Service Shop

  • Fort Campbell58th & Tennessee Ave, Bldg 6548, Fort Campbell, KY 42223
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    1330 - 2130
    1330 - 2130
    1330 - 2130
    1330 - 2130
    1330 - 2130
    0930 - 1730
    0930 - 1730
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    DONSA 0930-1730, Closed All Federal Holidays

If you do not mind getting your hands dirty & you have a passion for repairing vehicles yourself or you are a novice & just want to learn, come by the Auto Skills Center at 6548, 58th & Tennessee. You can do-it-yourself & we also have on site dedicated training instructors to guide & teach you.

Instructors are on site and available for your automotive questions. They will guide and teach you the proper way to conduct the repair you are performing. We have flat bays and lift bays available. We also carry specialty tools. You can perform repairs like: change oil, rotate & balance tires, conduct engine work, axle & clutch work, AC repairs, coolant system services, etc. In addition, this shop provide short term storage so you will have time to perform your repairs. If you need repair parts while you are working, we have a parts department that offers free delivery on most parts.

Source: Ft Campbell MWR


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