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  • Fort CarsonPrussman Bldv, Bldg 1840, Fort Carson, CO 80913
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Our Child Development Centers offer a nurturing, creative environment for your child, with age appropriate activities built into each program. The part- and full day preschool and part- and full day Pre-Kindergarten programs are designed to enhance your childÂ’s personal growth, and ensure that he or she is well prepared for Kindergarten. Preschool is reserved for our three-year-olds, and Pre-Kindergarten is geared toward ages four and five. To participate in Pre-K, the child must reach age four by 1 October. Otherwise, he or she will be enrolled in the Preschool Program. Our highly trained, professional and caring staff is always ready to answer questions about ways to help your child open the Window to a World of Opportunity!


CYS Services is always looking for ways to better serve you. To ensure that our hourly care facility is properly staffed so that we can take the finest care of your child(ren), we are adjusting our reservation procedures. If you are in need of making a last minute hourly care reservation (under 48 hours), you will need to call (719)526-2463, but anything in between 48 hours and 30 days can be made online through WebTrac

Calls and messages will be answered and reservation requests will be taken on first come (or call) first served basis.

A child must already be registered with CYSS through Parent Central Registration, before making reservations.
Reservations can be made 30 days in advance.
Maximum of 20 hours per week can be used for hourly care.
Drop-in time slots are only available as space allows, call-in reservations get first priority.


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