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    1200 - 1930
    1200 - 1930
    1200 - 1930
    1000 - 1730
    1000 - 1730

The Auto Craft Shop at Fort Eustis (JBLE) is a 16 bay Do-It-Yourself facility, which includes oil change bay, flat bays, and lift bays. Basic mechanic tools are offered for use of the patrons while working in the facility.

Services Offered:
Resale Products (ie: oil, filters, shop towels)
Computer Scans
Tire change and balance machine

Facility Costs:
Lift Bays: $5.00/hour
Flat Bays: $4.00/hour
Oil Bay: $4.00/45 mins. or less

Shop Requirements:
Each patron is REQUIRED to carry an Auto Craft Shop Card. To obtain a shop card they offer safety classes every Thursday from 1800-1900 and every 3rd Saturday from 1100-1200. There is no appointment necessary.

Learning Opportunities:
Monthly oil change and tire machine classes are offered. Please check with staff for dates and times.

For those who prefer to learn on their own, they provide Michen On Demand, a computer program giving you step by step instruction for all your repair needs.

Source: JBLE FSS Website


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