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    0530 - 1800
    0530 - 1800
    0530 - 1800

CDC - Pershing at Fort Eustis is accredited by the National Association of Education for Young Children (NAEYC), and has various child care and after school programs for children age 6 weeks through Kindergarten. Their daily activities consist of age appropriate development and USDA approved meals specially prepared by their cooks.

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FULL DAY CARE: Serving children ages 6 weeks to Preschool, this program is open from 0530-1800.

STRONG BEGINNINGS: This program is a structured Kindergarten preparation learning program, operating from 0830-1130. Strong Beginnings focuses primarily on early literacy and math.

PART DAY: Serving children ages 3-5, this program is a short day developmental enrichment program from 0930-1230.

FIRST STEP BEFORE/AFTER CARE: This program is designed for First Step children, including the summer before they begin the 1st grade. This is a before and after program, but children may attend on a full day basis at times of school closure and vacations.

HOURLY CARE: Serving children ages 6 weeks through kindergarten, this program provides short term care on an as needed basis (20 hours or less a week). Hourly care services are provided through reservations which can be made up to two weeks in advance by calling 878-4723. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 0700-1700.

Source: JBLE FSS Website


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