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  • Fort Hood4250 Clear Creek Rd, Fort Hood, TX 76544
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    Closed Federal Holidays.

The Clear Creek PX Refill Pharmacy at Fort Hood is a convenient Pharmacy to pick up refills of any medications at a central location, the Exchange.


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9 Reviews

  1. Every time I try to get prescriptions refilled using the automated system I am told "You do not want your prescription filled at Darnell or at Clear Creek" whichever location I choose. I do not know how to get my prescriptions refilled. I have been trying every day for the last two weeks.

  2. Informing you that the alternate phone number to speak to a pharmacist 254-618-7027 does not answer and automatically disconnects. I have been trying for 3 days. When I call to speak to a pharmacist on 254-618-7024, the line is busy on multiple attempts. I would suggest looking into the phone lines, and perhaps having a pharmacy tech. answer. Thank you, spouse dependent.

  3. I really enjoy the great service I receive from you all now. Thank you so much.

  4. If I call in a refill three days in advance and I'm only picking up medication that should already be waiting for me, why is the wait time so long? Hopefully someone takes a look at the processes and come up with a better system. The wait should be comparable to that of civilian establishments. There aren't folks sitting around waiting hours for RX refills at CVS, Walmart, or Walgreens. I've paid out of pocket just so I didnt have to endure the wait.

  5. Ft Hood should get a better refill service. I called in my prescription, waited 3 days just to be told I didn't have anything. I called again and once again it gave me a date. Waited 3 days.I decided to call today on my 3rd day to check on my refill. I called and it said nothing on file that matches that prescription number. I tried to call in the prescription again. Automated said you have no prescription left to refill. Your last refill was Friday Oct 26th. oh Lort! Now What

  6. Speed of service is great considering how many people they have to serve between retirees, active duty, spouses, kids, and so on for there is more 1 to 2 hours is not bad. And then people are distracted from playing or talking on their phones to meeting friends recent and long time no see or pull a tag then go shopping. Appreciate what you are getting for free.

  7. Depending on the day and time I have waited anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. On those busy days the mass of people waiting is unbelievable. Opening other locations should be seriously considered.

  8. They do the best that they times it's crowded but fort good is huge..maybe they should put in a better system..

  9. Pharmacy area is extremely small considering Fort Hood's size and number of retirees using this pharmacy. But all-in-all, I have had nothing but courteous service and my wait time has never been over 30 minutes. Suggest consideration be given for this pharmacy's expansion in the coming year with new funding becoming available. Thank you all for what you are doing.