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  • Mon
    0500 - 1800
    0500 - 1800
    0500 - 1800
    0500 - 1800
    0500 - 1800
    1100 - 1500
  • Hours Info
    Holiday Pool Hours 0800-1700

Barnes Field House, Building 61701, Hatfield Street, contains an indoor swimming pool boasting six lanes, 25 meters of length and year round heat. Lap swimming is available as well as open swim. Many classes are offered at Barnes FH Pool including swimming lessons and Aqua Zumba. For more information, please call.

Source: Fort Huachuca MWR Website

Barnes Field House Pool Hours
0500-0800 PT / Lap Swim
0800-1100 Open Swim
1100-1300 Lap Swim
1300-1800 Open Swim

1100-1300 Lap Swim
1300-1500 Open Swim

Weekends, Holidays & Training Holidays
0800-1200 Lap Swim
1200-1700 Open Swim

The Barnes Field House also contains an indoor swimming pool. The pool is a six (6) lane, 25-meter heated swimming pool. Lap swim is available as well as Open swim. The pool also offers adult swim lessons.


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1 Review

  1. The staff is always helpful and they always open (and close) on time. I trained for IronMan Arizona at this pool and it was a big part of my successful finish in 2016. Thanks MWR!