Central Issue Facility (CIF)

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  • Mon
    0730 - 1500
    0730 - 1500
    0730 - 1500
    0730 - 1500
    0730 - 1500
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    Closed for lunch daily between 1200–1245.

The Central Issue Facility on Fort Jackson is located in the former Wheeled Mechanic School building. All administrative transactions are conducted in the main office. In- and out-processing; direct exchange; student class issue; safety boot issue; maternity uniform issue; and additional issue will be processed on the north side of the building. In and out processing by appointment only.


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3 Reviews

  1. No one ever answers the phones. I have sat in the waiting room with people sitting at their desks and called the phones. They just let them ring! Worst customer service ever!

  2. Have been calling for over 15 minutes after 1245 and no one answers (I've tried all the numbers provided).

  3. It would be great to have a rotational lunch so that someone is always available to answer the phone to make appointments. Lunch time is all the free time some people have to call in an appointment.