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    0530 - 2100
    0530 - 2100
    0530 - 2100
    0530 - 2100
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Perez fitness Center has 20,500 sq ft of work out space. The facility offers New Hoist and Hammer Strength weight equipment. Perez also offers a large free weight area that has benches, Smith cable machines, dumbbells, squat racks and more. The Cardiovascular room has treadmills, elliptical cross training machines, exercise bikes, recumbent bikes, stair-master machines and cardio theatre. Perez offers 2 racquetball courts, saunas and male and female locker rooms.

You must be an eligible ID card holder or guest to utilize any of the fitness centers or gymnasiums on Fort Jackson. Eligible ID card holders are one of the following: Active duty military, retired military, reserve military, DA civilian employees, including NAF Civilian employees, Army contract employees and age appropriate family members.

Source: Ft. Jackson MWR Perez Gym Website


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