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Leonard's Studio at Fort Jackson provides photography services for BCT students, their families and friends.


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5 Reviews

  1. Avoid this booth at the PX on Fort Jackson! Don't buy the CD for sure! It won't be your soldier for sure. They won't return your calls or emails either or refund your money. They are just sneaky! And overpriced!

  2. If you see their booth at the PX on Fort Jackson, don't buy the photos until you confirm with your soldier that they did not already buy them. We made this mistake on 2/14/18 after the woman at the booth informed us that if they have the pics then it meant the soldier did not buy them, if the soldier bought them, they would have possession of them. We bought them at $74 then that afternoon our soldier informed us he already bought them and had them mailed directly to us. Company is sneaky!!!

  3. I was wondering why I have not got my son's pictures he had taken .

  4. My son graduated in February of 2017 from fort Jackson and I have been waiting on the video of the the graduation and I can't get a answer why have not got it yet

  5. First they lost my nephews photos that they took while he was in reception. Then we had to have them retake his photo on graduation day. We were told it would take two weeks, he graduated on Oct. 2nd, as of Nov. 3rd we still have no photos. They can't seem to find the documentation for our order or his photos. A lousy way of doing business.