Auto Craft Center

  • Fort LeeBldg 9035, Battle Dr, Fort Lee, VA
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    Wed-Fri 1200-2000 Sat-Sun 0800-1600

This 18-stall, self-help auto repair facility provides bay space, vehicle lifts, tools and a trained instructor on hand to provide assistance. This facility allows authorized patrons to perform minor repairs to their vehicles. Short-term and long-term vehicle storage is also available through the auto crafts facility.

Fees & Charges

Service Bay
$6.50 Per Hour
Lift Bat $6.00 Per 1/2 Hour
MIG Welder $15 Per Hour/Use
Tire Change
Tires 13 - 17 $8.50 Per Tire
Tires 18- 22 $20 Per Tire
Tires 13 - 17 $8.50 Per Tire
Tires 18 - 22 $20 Per Tire
Torch $15 Per Hour/Use
Oil Change $12 (Must provide own oil and filter.)


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