Barber Shop (AAFES)

  • Fort McCoyS 10th Ave., Bldg 1538, Fort McCoy, WI
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  • Mon
    0900 - 1700
    0900 - 1700
    0900 - 1700
    0900 - 1700
    0900 - 1700
    1000 - 1500

The AAFES Barber Shop at Fort McCoy is located in the Fort McCoy Main Exchange (PX). The barber shop offers military and civilian haircuts at reasonable prices.


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2 Reviews

  1. Last place I expected to get a bad cut. Asked for a high skin fade was given a wiffle and could plainly see a line. The girl cutting my hair was more interested in everyybody business in the shop than the bad cut i got. Of course i said something she stormed out and cut was completed by another staff. After i left she bashed me to other guys in my unit who of course told me. If you cant do the cut say something before you begin.

  2. Open during standard duty hours. No Sunday service, no extended hours for units doing Annual Training.