Check-It-Out (Equipment Rental)

  • Fort Meade2300 Wilson Street, Fort Meade, MD 20755
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Check-It-Out (Equipment Rental) at Ft Meade Patrons is located at Outdoor Rec. Patrons must report in person to present their ID for eligibility, make payment and complete paperwork to ensure their reservation. This fee is non-refundable unless notice is given 10 days prior to event. Thereafter, a patron will receive a credit voucher redeemable at Outdoor Recreation, valid for one year. A $10 administrative fee will be charged for all cancellations.

Prices are subject to change.
Please add extra time for the inspection of items when checking out and returning items. All items are to be returned clean and dry.
Please arrive no later than one hour before closing when picking up all towable items to give us time to go over the check list and provide operational instructions. Your vehicle must be equipped with the proper towing equipment.
Please make sure you bring assistance to load and unload items into your vehicle. Staff cannot perform this for you.
They charge for time out - not time used
Day = 24 hours
Week = 7 days

Source: Ft Meade MWR Website


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