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    0800 - 1700
    0800 - 1700
    0800 - 1700
    0800 - 1700

he Family Life Ministry Center (FLMC) at Ft Meade is a pastoral counseling center available to all branches of the military services, civilian employees and family members in the community.

The goal of the FLMC is to offer professional and compassionate care to the whole person.
The counselors at the FLMC are educated and trained in current and recognized models of counseling to provide you dedicated, professional service.

The FLMC is directed by the Garrison Family Life Chaplain and is staffed by civilian interns enrolled in the Loyola University Maryland Pastoral Counseling Department. For over a decade, Fort Meade’s Religious Support Office has partnered with Loyola University to provide this ministry.

Individual, marriage, and family counseling is offered to provide care for a wide variety of concerns and issues including post traumatic stress, grief, and anger, as well as couples, parenting, and family issues.

The FLMC is located at Argonne Hills Chapel Center, 7100 Rockenback Road.
Hours of operation are from 0800-1700, Monday through Friday
Counseling is by appointment.
The goal of the Family Life Ministry Center is to offer professional and compassionate care to the whole person. Workshops include parenting, marriage enrichment, and more.

Counseling is by appointment.

Source: Ft. Meade Religious Support Office Website


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