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The RV Storage Lots at Ft Meade are located at several areas and provides short/long term storage of personally owned boats, campers, trailers, and vehicles. Commercial vehicles are not permitted.

They currently offer one secured lot and several unsecured lots. Only registered vehicles are allowed on the storage lots. No other items, other than the registered vehicle are allowed in the storage space.

It is open on a space available basis to Active Duty, Reserve, Retired, and DoD Civilian personnel and their family members. At times a waiting list may be in place.

Access is available 24 hours per day. Call for rate information.

Storage fees can be paid either monthly, semi-annually, or yearly and are due on the first day of the month. Fees not paid by the 10th of the month will be assessed a $10 late fee.

Vehicles with fees not paid for three or more months will be considered abandoned on post and disposed of as such.

It is the responsibility of the patron to make timely payments, you will not receive reminders.

Refunds will only be given with proof of Change of Station (PCS), Estimated Termination of Service (ETS), or receipt of sale. Refunds will be based on the number of full months remaining for which payment has been made. Partial refunds will not be given. Cancellation is not considered official until the paperworks have been completed and keys turned in. All refunds of payments made by cash or check will take approximately 4-6 weeks to process. A $10 administrative fee will be charged.

Vehicles and trailers are required to have current registration and insurance at all times. Proof of registration and insurance will be required by the Administrative Office.

Fort Meade Storage
Active Duty, Reserve, Retired, and Department of Defense personnel. Proof of eligibility required.

Based on rank of the sponsor and size of vehicle. Fees are per vehicle per month.

Vehicle Size Rate for E5 & Below Rate for All Others
20' & under $44 $55
21'-30' $55 $66
31'-40' $66 $77

Vehicles and trailers are required to have current license plates and insurance at all times. 40 foot maximum length.

Proof of registration and insurance is required and must be maintained at all times and presented to the Administrative Office.

Source: RV Storage Lot MWR Website


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