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    1130 - 2200
    1130 - 2200
    1130 - 2200
    1130 - 2200
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The Automotive Skills Center at Fort Richardson has 14 bays for all of your automotive repair needs. The shop has 6 lift bays and 1 drive on lift bay at $7.50 per hour. The shop has 7 flat bays at $5.00 per hour. Benches are $3.00 per hour. All bays are issued on a first come first serve basis. Mechanics, Machinists, Auto Workers and Tool and Parts Attendants are available to assist you in your car repair needs.

Vehicle storage and Welding services are also available.


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4 Reviews

  1. Been using this shop for years and can't say I have even one complaint. The shop guys do a lot for customers rather than leaving them struggling with a repair. They jump in and help, figure things out and help you get it done. One of the best assets that JBER has. Weekdays aren't as busy as weekends so if you can get in on a weekday, it's your best bet. Awesome shop though!

  2. Had to wait an hour for a lift, they should have shut down this hobby shop and keep EAFB shop open more bays and lifts, newer tools, and equipment.

  3. Never had a problem needing a bay or help from any of the employees. Seems like there is someone always willing to lend a hand or some knowledge. This is a great asset to those who can use it.

  4. Not enough bays for all the Air Force and Army personnel to take care of their autos. Shutting down the EAFB Auto shop showed a complete disregard for the financial needs of the enlisted airmen and soldiers. Alaska is a VERY expensive place to have a mechanic work on your auto. The personnel at the FRA Auto shop ARE very helpful & professional.