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The ID Card Office at Fort Sam Houston operates by appointment only.

Required Identification
ALL customers who are age 21 and older must have two (unexpired) forms of ID (No Badges) to receive a new ID card. One must be a state/government issued photo ID.

Source: RAPIDS


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14 Reviews

  1. Tried to call for information regarding walk in times. Phone rings then will hang up with no option to leave a voicemail. Poor customer service.

  2. Does anyone answers the phones at that office? Horrible customer service. I just have one simple question.

  3. RAPIDS website: If it says you're not on a secured network, select Advance link at bottom (may have to scroll down to see it), then proceed link provided to get into scheduling system online Still having problems, Call Fort Family 866-345-8248 for support to make appointment. They can walk you through the process and will stay on the phone with you. (The fact that Ft. Sam officials provide a phone number that no one answers is not only frustrating, it is INSULTING.)

  4. Tried to make an appt using both the RAPIDS Appt Scheduler, on the left, gives you a warning and to leave the site immediately. Phone number rings and then hangs up. You can not make appt with scheduler or phone. When you walk in, civilian tells you must make a future appointment and come back at a later date. You have to make two trips there rather than one. Reported this to the ID Card Section and IG months ago. Then reported to 502 USAF Wing Commander with same results. Combat ineffective.

  5. My wife and I had an appointment at 1245 Friday May 25, 2018. We arrived at 1215 hours to find the office closed. A notice referred you to a number 210 2212353 for further assistance if you had an appointment. The number went to voice mail that was not set-up. I will be contacting the office of the commander to see if his office is aware of the situation at Fort Sam Houston.

  6. Has anyone cracked the code on how to get ahold of these folks?

  7. I am a widow trying to renew my ID card. No one answers the number given and the answering service states it's off. I can't get into the "rapids appt. scheduler" What do I do now? I need this ID card renewed.

  8. Why can we not schedule on line? Why is no one answering the phone? The holidays are over!!!!!!

  9. Rapids appointment scheduler website says"Website Unavailable". ID card section phone recording says "Answering System Off". Looking for a more responsive system for an appointment.

  10. The website will not come up. The phone will ring continuously. How do you get an appointment if there's no one to answer the phone and schedule appointments? In this day and age we should be able to schedule onlinešŸ˜”

  11. This place is a joke. No one ever answers the phone or its busy. My guess is that it's busy because other people are also trying to call to get an appt and it just rings and rings and rings. Also when trying to schedule an appointment on the website it never works.

  12. This is as low as it gets, no one to answer the phone for appointment. Is there any personal working at the id section and getting pay for nothing.

  13. Telephone not being answered and automated appointment scheduler is not secure. This group needs a management change and personnel replacement. Might as well list Thursday as closed also.

  14. It is difficult to describe the level of service one receives from this organization as it is impossible to talk to an individual or leave a message. Rated on quality and service, one would have to give a terrible rating as your only mission is that of providing a service to your customers. This is another example of why government service is the joke in itself. If you can't provide the service advertised, then get out of the business and turn it over to a civilian contractor.