Petals & Blooms Flower Shop - Main Exchange

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    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1800
    1100 - 1600

The Petals & Blooms Flower Shop is located inside the Main Exchange on Fort Sam Houston.


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1 Review

  1. Tried calling to place an order for my wife while on TDY & after getting passed around to multiple people on the phone, I was told they couldn't take my order because I was on the phone & they had customers in store that were more important. Employee told me that her boss was yelling at her for trying to take order over the phone. I felt horrible that I couldn't do something nice for my wife with an on post florist while on TDY. Easily the worst customer experience I've ever had with a florist.